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Great Value Ticket

Hanshin-Sanyo Seaside 1Day Ticket

Valid routes All Sanyo and Hanshin Electric Railway Lines
Price JPY 2,000 (Adult ticket only)
Ticket availability (Sun)April 1st 2018 – (Sun) March 31st 2019
Promotion validity (Sun)April 1st 2018 – (Tue) April 30th 2019
Conditions A one day open ticket is valid every day during the promotion period.

■Ticket Purchase Locations

Itayado, Suma, Tarumi, Akashi,Higashi-futami, Takasago, Oshio, Shikama, Himeji, Aboshi stations (Sanyo Electric Railway stations). Akashi Station Information Center, ticket vending machines at any station between Harima-cho and Himeji and Aboshi. Kosoku-Kobe, Shinkaichi, Kosoku-Nagata stations. Station master’s offices located in the Hanshin-Umeda, Amagasaki, Koshien, Mikage and Kobe-Sannomiya stations(Hanshin Electric Railway stations). Ticket gates along the Hanshin Electric Railway Line (when the station clerk is present). Osaka-Namba station, Hanshin Railway Service Center (Kobe-Sannomiya).

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Hanshin-Sanyo Seaside 1Day Ticket Osaka to Himeji
PDF download